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EU funding programmes

International funding programmes, especially those offered by the European Union, have continuously increased in significance and volume in the last few years. Scientists at the University of Wuppertal have carried out research as part of these funding programmes for many years.

In order to focus European and national activities, the European Commission has presented the “European Research Area” and the “European Development Area”. The aim is to harmonise the framework conditions of the two areas to simplify cooperation and to harmonise the public image of European development and research systems. A successful application to the EU programmes requires an understanding of the underlying philosophies of the two areas.

In addition, the European Commission has also created a foundation to facilitate the mobility of researchers across Europe with the European Charter for Researchers - Code of Conduct for Employing Researchers.

The above link takes you to the official European Commission document on the research area; below, you will also find a link allowing you to familiarise yourself with the current political processes within the European Research Area, its history and any further links and documents.

Website of the European Research Area