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PhD funding at the University of Wuppertal

PhD funding at the University of Wuppertal is based on the framework conditions for awarding scholarships for doctorate preparation at the University of Wuppertal dated 20/04/2015 in the version amended on 09/07/2015. The University of Wuppertal is calling for applications. Women in particular are encouraged to apply. In all cases, scholarships are awarded based on the quality of the application.


Application conditions

Framework conditions dated 20/04/2015

Amendment dated 09/07/2015

Application forms



Expert evaluation form.pdf

Expert evaluation form.doc

Income declaration.pdf

Income declaration.doc

Travel costs reimbursement_Application.pdf

Data sheet for travel costs and costs of materials

Data sheet for travel costs abroad


Scholarship type and amount

Basic scholarships (normally for two years) or completion scholarships (normally for up to one year) are awarded. Scholarships are made up of a basic amount of EUR 1,200 a month and a child benefit of EUR 150 a month if the scholar is responsible for child maintenance for at least one child. Additional travel costs might also be approved. The scholar’s income, the income of the scholar's spouse or partner in case of civil partnerships or common law marriages, or the income of relatives or in-laws if the scholar shares a household with them. However, such information is only taken into account if two applicants have the same grades. Scholarships are generally approved for one year at a time, irrespective of the scholarship type requested. The basic scholarship is only extended by a further year after (the Commission or the ZGS) has checked a work report. Applicants may not assert legal rights in this regard.


Funding conditions

Applicants who have completed a university degree as a condition for admission as a doctoral candidate may be granted a scholarship to prepare for a doctorate if the research project is expected to make an important contribution to research. If admission as a doctoral candidate does not require a completed university degree, funding may also be required for scholars aiming to complete their studies with a PhD.

Please note that the PhD process must be performed and submitted at the University of Wuppertal.  The Commission also requires evidence of an application to a second research institution within the first several months of funding.

Basic scholarships may be granted to applicants able to demonstrate study and exam performance far above average requirements, and who prepare for a doctorate

  1. after their degree or
  2. after reaching a scientific level comparable to a degree or
  3. in case of a training programme requiring practical training or professional practice after the degree, either during a study break or immediately after completing the training programme

A completion scholarship can be granted to applicants who can provide evidence that their scientific project has reached a level such that an above-average result can be achieved in the period specified for a completion scholarship (up to one year).

German citizens and citizens of other countries may receive funding if they are enrolled at the University of Wuppertal at the time that funding is due to commence. If the study applicant or scholarship applicant carries out paid work for more than ten hours a week, funding cannot be granted.
Parallel funding by another public or publicly funded private institution for the same purpose and during the same period is not possible.


Approval of funding

The university-internal funding approval commission for graduate funding decides on which applicants are selected and receive funding.


Application procedure

Graduate scholarship applications must be submitted to University Administration, Div. 1, Dpt. 1.1, Gaußstr. 20, 42119 Wuppertal, using the template available for this purpose. The documents may also be submitted in person at the Freudenberg campus to FD 01.15 during the working hours stated in the text. 1 June and 15 November are binding deadlines, and the commission may reject any applications received after these dates. If applications are sent by post, the postal stamp date on receipt by the university is used. The application and annexes must be submitted in DIN A4 format, printed on one side, and must not be stapled together. Separators, plastic film etc. must not be used. To receive the application documents and request any further information on PhD funding at the University of Wuppertal, please contact

Ms Tiana Wiebusch, Tel.: 0202/439/-3810
Room B.07.04 (Grifflenberg campus)

An application for a basic scholarship or a completion scholarship must contain the following documents:

  • the application form
  • Project summary in German, up to 1.5 pages
  • Work schedule outlining previous scientific or artistic performance, preliminary work and a work programme stating contents and timing. This may also be submitted in English if the doctorate may be written in English. (up to 8 pages)
  • Evaluation sheet and detailed references from two professors or private lecturers, one of whom must be working for the University of Wuppertal. (if applying for a completion scholarship, a reference from your PhD supervisor is sufficient)
  • a copy of your higher education entry qualification (certified copy or original presented)
  • a copy of your degree (certified copy or original presented)
  • Details regarding your income, your spouse’s or partner’s income in case of civil partnerships or common law marriages, or the income of relatives or in-laws if the applicant shares a household with them, including the relevant documentary evidence
  • if applicable, evidence of any secondary employment
  • enrolment certificate
  • certificate of marital status, if required for additional funding (birth certificates of children)
  • a table containing your CV
  • Any additional annexes, such as publications and talks, must not exceed 10 pages.
  • A confirmation that you have applied to a further institution for funding in addition to your application at the University of Wuppertal, or that you will do so in the next few weeks. If, in exceptional circumstances this condition cannot be met, please outline the reasons in writing.
  • Membership of the Center for Graduate Studies.

Date: The binding deadlines for applications are 1 June (funding start in August) and 15 November (funding start in February) of each year. Please send your documents to University Administration, Div. 1, Dpt. 1.1, Gaußstr. 20, 42119 Wuppertal. The postal stamp date on receipt by the university is used. The documents may also be submitted in person at the Freudenberg campus to FD 01.15 after arranging a meeting.

signed Prof. M. H. Scheffel
(Vice-President for Research, Third-Party Funding, and Graduate Studies)