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Post-doctoral funding

In the area of post-doctoral funding, many funding programmes and scholarships are also available to young scientists who have already completed their PhD. This is where we would like to present a selection of the range of funding offers.


Support of Graduates by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

The German Research Foundation (DFG) supports researchers at all levels of their scientific career. The following funding offers are available for the period immediately after the doctorate.

  • Research scholarships
  • Temporary Positions for Principal Investigators Module, DFG programme Research Grants
  • Emmy Noether Programme
  • Further scientific postdoc qualification in DFG projects, collaborative research centres, research training group and international research training group
  • Heisenberg Programme


Support of Graduates by the Volkswagen Foundation

The Volkswagen Foundation promotes science and technology in research and teaching. It enables research projects in forward-looking areas and helps scientific institutions to improve the structural conditions for their work. It pays special attention to young scientists and to the collaboration between researches across disciplinary and national boundaries. The VolkswagenStiftung provides the following funding offers to promote young scientists.

  • Freigeist Fellowships
  • Lichtenberg Professorships


Post-doctoral scholarships

Many foundations provide additional funding options to promote young scientists with a PhD. Below you will find a selection of other foundations offering post-doctoral scholarships.